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Hairstyle Options For Different Shaped Faced Mature Women

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We all want to look our best, and the way that we style our hair can make a big impact on that! I find for myself; I thrive when I can shower in the evening, dry my hair, and style in the morning. Check out my full routine on my YouTube channel.

Three hairstyle options depending on your face shape

No matter what your routine is, let’s talk about hairstyles for mature women with different shaped faces. If you aren’t sure about your shape, don’t worry we can cover the basics on that too.

  1. Oval shaped face

This face structure is the most symmetrical and balanced of any. If you fall into this category - consider yourself lucky as you have a wide variety of options. If you are looking to showcase your balanced face, consider a long hairstyle with minimal layers. Another option would be a short statement cut to highlight your face such as a blunt bob haircut.

2. Round shaped face

Our round-faced friends are always looking to add some shape to their faces. Layers can help achieve this if they start at the shoulders to avoid adding roundness. You can also opt to add some fringe bangs to add additional framing to your face. Be careful when doing full curls, as this can add to the roundness.

3. Square shaped face

Wide foreheads, jawlines, and strong cheekbones are key characteristics of square faces. Some mature women may struggle to style for this face shape, but you can’t go wrong with a classic side part. For added textures to outline your face you can add some long layers with soft curls.

4.Rectangle-shaped face

Those with rectangular-shaped faces will want to choose options that can frame the face and hide harsh jawlines or foreheads. Layered cuts with soft bangs are a great option, and curls can add some additional volume to mask long faces. Be mindful to avoid extra-long hairstyles as they may add length to your face.

5.Heart-shaped face

Those with heart-shaped faces may have broad foreheads and narrow jawlines. The ideal hairstyle here is going to cut the contrast on your brows and draw attention to your jawline. Sweeping side brows are a great way to achieve this. You can also do an asymmetrical bob if you prefer a shorter style.

6.Diamond-shaped face

If you have an angular face with a narrow forehead and jawline but cheekbones that pop, you may have a diamond-shaped face. A great hairstyle for mature women with diamond-shaped faces is layers! A Medium or long layered cut paired with a side part is all you need to soften your sharp angles.

These hairstyles for mature women are just a starting point. You are unique, and trial and error will be the best way to find a style that suits you. Follow Jodi Mannes on Youtube for some styling videos. Creating a hairstyle that makes you feel confident often requires minimal tools but has a lasting impact on your day.

You deserve to look and feel your best every day! If you enjoyed this blog post, please help me get the word out. Share it with your friends on social media, thanks so much.

-Jodi Mannes


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