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Fall Beauty Trends 2022

Becuase Fall is my favorite time of year, Fall Beauty Trends are the first sign (well, and Pumpkin Spice Latte’s being available) that Fall is right around the corner.

This Fall season, the makeup look is bold yet soft; fresh but with colors we’re accustomed to seeing in Fall and glowy/glossy/dewy - all finishes that complement our more mature skin. Below are the Fall Trends and some of my favorite products to help you achieve them!

Incase you haven’t seen it, here is my YouTube video all about Fall’s Beauty Trends for 2022. I’ve also created tutorials for each of the latest trends and how to ‘maturely modify’ each trend for our more mature skin. So be sure to check the tutorials for looks that are current but not too trendy!

Glowy/Dewy Skin

I love this trend because of it’s kindness to our mature skin. A glowy look to the skin helps hides dullness and add’s a healthy, youthful look to the skin. Did I mention how easy it is to get this look. Whether you wear foundation, no foundation, a little concealer or nothing but moisturizer on your face, all you need is a few drops of Halo Plumping Dew Illuminating Moisturizer by Smashbox. It contains Hyaluronic Acid for added moisture and can be worn under foundation as a primer, over foundation for a light glow or all by itself for a healthy, dewy finish! If you watch my channel on YouTube, this product isn’t new to you, I reference it a lot.

Burnt Blush Look

Both color and placement matter with this trend. Put aside your pinks, grapes and rose blushes and reach for peach, brick, terra-cotta toned colors. As we age and our skin starts to get more texture, cream blushes tent to look more flattering. The formula melts into the skin without looking dry which powder blushes can often do. Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Blushes create a soft effect that appears to blur the skin while adding just the right amount of color. It’s a buildable formula so you can go as light or as heavy as you like. For lighter skin tones, Latte is a nice choice while Nectarine looks beautiful on medium skin tones and for those of you with darker skin tones, check out Peach Carmel. It’s one of my favorites, just a little too dark for me. Now to get that ‘burnt’ look, simply apply your blush to your cheeks then softly place a little color across the bridge of your nose, at the same height as where you placed it on your cheeks. I like to apply 2 lite coats to my cheeks and 1 coat across the bridge of my nose for a barely there look!

Variations of Blue

From periwinkle to sky blue to bluish-grey, this is the season of 50 shades of blue. Blue can be tricky to apply on the eye’s but when done correctly, those of us with more mature skin can pull it off flawlessly. If you want just a hint of this trend to bring your look current, grab an eyeliner and apply it to your upper eye lashes with a neutral eyeshadow or no shadow at all. Apply mascara to complete the look. You can also apply just a hint of blue in place of one of your favorite eyeshadow colors just be sure it compliments anything you might be wearing in terms of earring and/or a top/blouse/shirt/jacket. Unless you wear blue a lot, I recommend looking through your eyeshadow palettes to see if you might already have a blue you could ‘intensify’ by applying with a damp eyeshadow brush. Another option is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Shadow Stick in Chaos. Used as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow, this product gives beautiful color payout with application options.

Graphic Liner

This trend is a little more tricky to ‘maturely modify’ it so it’s a great time to kick up your winged liner game and you’re still on trend. The difference between a winged liner and a messy winged liner is all in the ‘post application’ process. Yes, a nice, sharp liquid liner makes the application more precise like the one I use from Lancome Idole Ultra-Precise Felt Tip Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and artistic looking, but a similar look can be achieved with a gel liner or even a cream liner. Again, it’s the clean up that makes this look go from blah to wow. Once you’ve applied the liner to your eyes, take a makeup swab (you know the one’s with the pointy end) and apply a little Micellar Cleansing Water to the tip then gently run the wet tip across the top and bottom of your ‘wing’. For an even more polished look, apply a little concealer to the bottom on your ‘winged’ liner with another pointed makeup brush and you are ready to go!

Glossy Lips

Along with your new found love for peach, brick and warmer shades of mauve for your cheeks, your lips just need a hint of one of those colors then sealed in gloss. It's all about shine (and a little plump never hurt anyone). Buxom's Full-On Plumping Lip Cream in Hot Toddy is my go-to. If that's not your color, they have 20 shades in the Full-On formula. Kir Royale is already in my cart!

If you’re still not sure how to modify these trends or just want to see someone demonstrate it first, you’ll find tutorials on my channel at

Good luck, and happy Fall!

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